Becoming a Man

Today’s world does not prepare young men for life and responsibility. While I’m not going to place blame on anything specific (impossible), this is a location and list of resources I’ve found useful for this journey through my early 20s. It’s also not just for us males - It can offer great understanding for the fairer sex as well!


I’m reminded almost daily by people that have “traded life and time for money”, and expect someday to “trade money for life and time”. I see grown men acting like broken little boys, so overwhelmed they can’t grow into men.

This scares the shit out of me. I started this page to document all of the important videos, books, and sites I come across on my journey. I hope it helps you become as Elliot Hulse says “The best version of yourself possible”. Nothing comes easy, and as a man you shouldn’t expect it to be so. The journey is what turns you into a man and there are certainly no magic pills.

Give up any idea that women want a guy that isn’t focusing on his own goals and dreams. Burn any societal “norms” that tell you to do X and you’ll eventually be happy. It’s a filthy lie. Absorb knowledge from those closer to what YOU want to be, honest throughout the journey, and become a man of focused taking ACTION.

Start with the Required section, then the rest by #. Good luck

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